Terms of Use

This document (the “Terms”) outlines the rights and obligations of all Users that use the Website. No consent from the Users is required to make changes to these Terms. In case of chances to these Terms, the Users will find the updated Terms on the Website.

1. Definitions

1.1. The meaning and definition of the capitalized terms used throughout these terms is as follows:

  • Website: https://megaways.games/, plus its localized alternatives translated to respective languages, available at separate domains.
  • Third-Party Website: an external website featured on the Website via a link.
  • Plural first-person pronouns, such as We, Us, or Our, talk about the operator of the Website.
  • User: a natural or legal person that enters and uses the Website. Throughout these Terms, a number of pronouns, such as Your, Your, or They, is used to refer to the User of the Website.
  • Privacy Protection Policy and Privacy Policy: a privacy and personal data protection policy of the Website that is described in greater detail in section 3 of these Terms.
  • Data: information provided by the User on the Website.
  • Cookie: a small text file containing bits of data that is sent to Your browser by the Website or third parties upon visiting the Website.
  • Data Protection Laws: any laws that concern the processing of personal Data, including the Directive 95/46/EC or the GDPR, and any national implementing laws or regulations.
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  • EU Cookie Law: directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 amended in 2006 and 2009.

2. General terms

2.1. This Website does neither provide online gambling services, nor is it a source of legal advice. It is a source of information about online casinos and casino games only.

2.2. Despite Our best efforts to provide only truthful and most accurate data at all times, We cannot promise that all information on the Website is up to date. We bear no liability for any harm caused by inconsistencies found on the Website.

2.3. Links to Third-Party Websites are featured on the Website. Prior to accessing the Third-Party Websites, we strongly advice all Users to read the Terms and Conditions of each Third-Party website. We refrain from any responsibility due to inaccurate information or personal thoughts shared by the Third-Party Websites.

2.4. By using the Website, you consent to accepting these Terms. You also agree to follow the rules presented by these Terms.

2.5. By using the Website, you also consent to part of your personal Data being processed by the Website. This Data is collected to ensure that the Website runs smoothly and efficiently, and We assure all Users that only the necessary personal Data will be collected by the Website. All Data will be processed following the conditions and rules of these Terms.

2.6. By using the Website, You affirm that you are 18 years or older and have a legal capacity. Minors and individuals under the age specified by the User’s jurisdiction are strictly forbidden from using the Website in any way. The Users are required to check the jurisdiction whose regulations they fall under at all times.

2.7. In case the legislation requires it, We have a right to limit access to the Website or its parts to certain Users.

2.8. We take great pride in always trying to publish only accurate and truthful material to the Website. You are welcome to reach us via Our contact form on the Website should you stumble across any material that interferes with or violates the User’s jurisdiction.

2.9. In case a specific section (or sections) of these Terms is identified as non-compliant with the legislation of the User’s jurisdiction, this does not influence the validity of the remaining sections of these Terms.

2.10. All original content, including logos, texts, and trademarks, displayed on the Website is part of Megaways Games’ intellectual property. Logos and trademarks of Third-Party Websites are not the intellectual property of Megaways Games. In case you wish to distribute any part of content found on the Website, this must be approved by Us or must feature working do-follow backlinks in form of <a> html tag. No-follow backlinks <a> html tag can be used for content republished on Wikipedia.org.

2.11. Google-powered translation may be featured on the Website. Any and all warranties, implied or express, about the translations are disclaimed by Google. This includes the implied warranties of merchantability, reliability, accuracy, and fitness for a particular purpose.

3. Privacy Protection Policy

This Privacy Protection Policy applies to both Users and Website’s owner and operator, and it deals with both Data provided by Users via the use of the Website as well as Data We obtained.

3.1. Scope of the Privacy Protection Policy

The sole website that this Protection Policy applies to is the Website.

For the purposes of applicable Data Protection Laws, We act as the “data controller” who decides the purpose and manner in which Your Data is processed.

3.2. Data collected

The Privacy Policy governs the way in which We collect data. We may collect data like:

IP address, operating system, web browser type, and other automatically collected data.

3.3. Ways the Data is collected

We collect the Data in several ways:

User-provided Data, which is Data that is collected when Users reach out to Us by email or similar means through the Website.

Automatically collected Data, such as IP address, time of visits, frequency of visits, date, and more, that We collect to further improve the functioning on the Website and its possibilities.

Automatic collection of data is done via Cookies in accordance with the Cookie settings specified in Your browser. See section 3.10 for more detail.

3.4. Use of Data by Us

To give You a smooth and enjoyable user experience, Data specified in the sections above might be required from Us at some point. This Privacy Policy specifies the conditions under which We will use Your Data. Your Data can be used for one of the following reasons:

Improving Our products and services

Other reasons for which the Data was provided to Us by the User

Should we deem necessary to do so, We are allowed to use Your Data in a legitimate way for the reasons outlined above. See section 3.7 for a detailed specification of Your right to object.

We will not share, rent, or sell Your personal Data to other parties under any circumstances.

3.5. Security of Data

Several precautions and measures are taken to make sure Your Data is sufficiently protected at all times. These include:

Use of reliable and secure servers to store the Data.

Additional measures, such as the Website’s admin being the only person able to access Your Data and measures that deal with any suspected breaches of Data, are also taken.

We highly encourage You to contact Us via Our contact form should you become aware of any misuse or unauthorized access to Your personal Data.

3.6. Retention of Data

Unless the law permits or requires Us to keep Your Data for a longer time period, Your Data will be retained for as long as the purposes specified by this Privacy Policy are not met, or until You make a request to delete Your Data from Our database.

3.7. Your rights

Concerning User Data, every User of the Website has a set of rights they can take advantage of:

Right to access: You have a right to request access to information We hold about You, as well as to request that we modify, update, or remove certain parts or all information about You from Our database. Bear in mind that should the law permit us, We are entitled to decline such request from You. Should we do that, You will receive reasons explaining our decision.

Right to correct: Should you identify any piece of information We hold about You inaccurate, you have a right to request that We update Your Data.

Right to erase: You have a right for Your Data to be removed from Our database.

Right to restrict: You have a right to partially or fully restrict Our access to Your Data.

Right to Data portability: You have a right to request that We move, copy, or transfer Your Data.

Right to object: You have a right to object to the way We use Your Data.

In case you wish to use Your rights or address Your consent to how We process Your Data, let us know via Our contact form.

If you think Your Data has not been sufficiently protected, You can express your concern by contacting a relevant data protection authority.

Should Your Data change in any way, We would highly appreciate if You kept Us informed about any changes. Keeping Your Data accurate is very important for Us.

3.8. Third-Party links

The Website features links to Third-Party Websites. The Privacy Policy specified in these Terms does not apply to the Third-Party websites, and We refrain from any liability when it comes to the content featured on these websites. We advise You to read the Terms and Conditions or each Third-Party Website before you use it.

3.9. Changes of business ownership and control

We may transfer or sell the control over parts of this Website (or the full Website) should we decide to do so. In case we find it necessary for the specific part of Our business, Your Data might be transferred as well, allowing the new owner/controlling entity to use Your Data for the same purposes as We would be able to use it for.

In case a situation like this arises in the future, We will always ensure a sufficient protection of Your privacy.

3.10. Cookies

In order to make you experience with Our website smoother and more enjoyable, We may place Cookies on Your device. Your Data is always protected according to the Privacy Protection Policy.

All Cookies used by this Website are collected under the EU Cookie Law.

Most browsers accept Cookies automatically, but You can adjust or disable Cookies in Your browser’s settings at all times.

Cookies can be deleted, but bear in mind that should you delete Your Cookies, You are making Your access and personalized experience on Our Website harder.

3.11. General

You are forbidden to transfer any of Your rights to a third party under the Privacy Policy specified in these Terms. We are allowed to transfer Our rights under this Privacy Policy if we believe that Your rights will not be affected in any way.

Should any provision (or part of a provision) be found invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by a court or any other competent authority, this part of a provision (or part of a provision) is deemed to be deleted as soon as possible. The remaining parts of this Privacy Policy remain valid.

4. Final provisions

4.1. The English version shall be applied should any discrepancies between English and other languages be discovered.

4.2. We can change these Terms at any time, without any reason, and without any prior notice.

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